QA & Test in Development

We have experience with test approvals and certifications

We ensure the quality

Our developers are vastly experienced and know, what it takes to meet and ensure all elements required for approvals and certifications.

We focus on the educational background when selecting consultants for the assignment. For example, being a low power engineer can save time and knowledge when testing and using hardware for medical purposes, etc.

Consultants' Competences

The following are examples of competencies we are often asked about.
If you do not find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.

The products are typically



Acceptance Test
Automated Test
User Test
Hardware Test
Integration Test
System Test
Test Management
Development of Test Software
Unit Test
Test Coordination
Exploratory Testing

Collaboration with CLEVR

A collaboration usually starts with these three steps:


Qualification of the cooperation and the task

Together we qualify whether CLEVR Engineering is the right partner for the client and the content of the assignment is described.


Choice of consultant

CLEVR Engineering offers one or more qualified consultants.



The start-up and duration of the assignment and the hourly rate are agreed and relevant agreements are signed; NDA, contracts, etc.

We ensure the right match between client and consultant. We take the time for the thoroughness needed for all parties to feel comfortable throughout the process, and of course we don’t charge for our time until we have a signed agreement and the consultant has started working with the client.

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